4,175 children benefited from the BANASA program “A banana a day changes your life”

The BANASA banana company carried out events to close the 2016 school year and its “One Banana a Day Changes your Life” program, through which it donated more than 82,400 bananas to 4,175 children from 7 schools.

The food and nutrition security program, A Banana a Day Changes your Life, is carried out together with Community Development Councils -COCODES- and participating schools. BANASA donates bananas to schools throughout the year as a nutritional supplement for schoolchildren daily inputs. This endeavor is supported with preventive health activities that teachers and mothers participate in. The aim of the program is to contribute to the nutrition and school performance of children.

The schools Salinas I, Salinas II, Mojarras, Los Ángeles, Almendrales, Fe y Alegría y Horizontes, from the municipalities of La Blanca and Ayutla in the departments of San Marcos and Retalhuleu, participated in the program. During the events to close the school year, the effort and organization by the schoolmasters, parents and members of COCODES to carry out the program in their communities was recognized.

Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate Director of BANASA, said that “it is a good program because mothers have become aware of the importance of feeding healthy food to their children, instead of junk food, and evidence has shown that the nutritional value of bananas contributes to the nutrition of children and improves their school performance.”