Banasa hands out saving stoves to 540 families in the rural areas.

Banasa together with USAID|Alianzas, handed out 540 saving stoves for employees’ wives, and community mothers in villages in Quetzaltenango and San Marcos, with the aim of contributing to the household economy. These stoves can save up to 65% on the purchase of firewood and prevents deforestation and respiratory illnesses by eliminating the smoke inside the rooms of the house.

We are very pleased by the work that Banasa gives our husbands,”  said Maria Vasquez, “these stoves will be of great benefit for our well-being because when we cook there is a lot of  smoke in the house that affects our children, now they will no longer breathe that smoke and we will also save because we won’t have to buy firewood.

The palm production manager said: “Banasa is a socially responsible company with the communities, but especially with the workers, because the responsibility begins at home. With this project we promote family savings, fewer respiratory diseases and contribute to the conservation of the environment, by avoiding cutting trees for firewood. “

USAID Alianzas provides funding from the United States to programs focused on health and education to improve the conditions of the country. That is why Banasa obtained funds to hand out 540 saving stoves.