Students from BANASA’s school were recognized

Two students from Banasa’s School Mojarras won recognition as fourth and fifth grade best readers in the southwestern region of Guatemala, in Funcafe’s Third Reading Contest.

The jury graded expression, accuracy and speed reading. In addition, the winners surpassed the reading standards established by the Ministry of Education.

Funcafé carried out the third reading contest in the 38 municipalities it covers, which involved 122 schools in rural areas and gave prizes to the first three places in each grade at the regional level.

“We are very happy with these achievements, because the winners are our worker’s children and the aim of this school is to provide a better academic level to the area, to have an impact on the development of communities,” said Bernardo Roehrs, Banasa’s CEO.

Banasa has an agreement with Funcafé, who provide their teaching methodology, as the pedagogics they use focuses on students, social and natural environment and has become a model for other schools.
At present, Banasa’s School Mojarras, has more than 170 children, they are all workers’ children.