(Español) Banasa lleva educación de calidad al área rural

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Banasa ends up 2019 cycle of the “One Banana a Day Change Your Life” project.

During  2019, Banasa benefited 1,824 children through the nutrition program one banana a day changes your life, which consists of incorporating one banana a dayRead more

Banasa and CONRED train Directors of Local Coordinators for Natural Disaster Reduction.

Banasa, in partnership with the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) and the International Cooperation Agency of Japan (JICA), invited the directors of COLRED toRead more

BANASA joins the celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development.

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every 10 November to highlight the significant role of science in society, promoting informed citizens aboutRead more

Banasa School ends the 2019 School Year.

The Banasa School graduated pre-school and elementary school students, who have been taught through an active methodology in partnership with Funcafé. During the graduation ceremony,Read more

Banasa completed the II Module of the Diploma Course on adaptation to climate change in partnership with MARN

Banasa began in April the diploma course “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” which has been developed through partnerships with the Institute for Climate Change -ICC-,Read more

Banasa has contributed to the Third National Drill to contain and prevent Fusarium TR4!

Banasa siempre ha implementado prácticas que garantizan la calidad e inocuidad del cultivo; pero con la alarma provocada por el brote de Fusarium R4T en un país de la región latinoameirca, las medidas de bioseguridad en todas nuestras instalaciones se han intensificado.

Banasa invited leaders, workers, and institutions to the Social Responsibility Forum held in Quetzaltenango.

Banasa invited 50 people to participate in the Social Responsibility forum called “Transform is a process of commitment” held in the department of Quetzaltenango forRead more

Students from the Banasa School were awarded in the regional reading contest

90 children from 15 rural and public schools participate in the fourth edition of the reading contest in the Southwest Zone of Guatemala. Students fromRead more

Banasa renewed accreditations to 72 people as official members of Local Coordinators for Disaster Reduction (COLRED).

Banasa, in partnership with the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -CONRED- and the Association of the Southwest Trifinio -ASODITSO-, carried out the renewal of accreditationsRead more

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