BANASA held the closing ceremony of the graduate Diploma on “Adaptation to Climate Change”

BANASA, the banana-growing company, in partnership with the Asociación del Trifinio Suroccidente –ASODITSO (for its initials in Spanish)-, the Association of Independent Banana Producers –APIB (for its initials in Spanish)- and the Institute of Climate Change -ICC- carried out the diploma course “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” during 8 months. It was aimed at BANASA workers and community leaders of the Guatemala southwestern “trifinio” (place where three departments meet), with the objective of strengthening local capacities and adopting adaptation measures in the face of imminent climate change.

The programme was under the responsibility of the ICC and covered comprehensive basin management, adaptation measures to climate change and risk disaster management. The methodology consisted of lectures, field visits and practical activities.

The General Director of the Institute of Climate Change, Alex Guerra, BANASA’s Chairman, Gustavo Bolaños, representatives of the municipality of La Blanca, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, MAGA, and community leaders from the communities of Pomal, Carrizales, Valle Lirio, El Reparo, Colonia Díaz, Villa Flores, Morenas, Los Encuentros, Troje, Tilapa, Santa Fe, Palmar II, Pueblo Nuevo, Cerritos, Chiquirines, Colonia Barillas, of the municipalities of Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango; La Blanca, San Marcos; and Retalhuleu, Retalhuleu participated in the closing ceremony of the Diploma during the third week of December.

In his closing speech, Gustavo Bolaños said: “At BANASA we support this type of training because we believe it is important to be informed and prepared in the face of climate change, as well as being united before any event.”
The representative of the Municipality of La Blanca, San Marcos, and graduated from the Diploma program, said: “We appreciate BANASA’s support because if this company did not exist in the area, I dare say, what will 80% of our farmers be doing?”