Banasa complemented in 2014 the school meal with bananas for 890 children.

Banasa carried out  in 2014, the Nutritious School Snack program to complement the snack the children receive during the school year and contribute to fight malnutrition in the area.

890 Children from Cerritos, Los Angeles, and Salinas 1, communities close to Banasa’s operations in San Marcos, benefitted from this donation. This initiative was implemented in partnership with school boards, parents and the Ministry of Development.

The program was reinforced with health and nutrition training and home visits to the student’s mothers.  With the aim of improving preventive and maternal health, hygiene, school performance, children’s rights and gender equality.

Leticia Rivera,  Los Angeles School Principal  in Ayutla, San Marcos, says: “This project has been of great benefit because we have used the bananas to give the children their school snack  in smoothies, with cream or milk. We have learned different ways to prepare them. We thank Banasa for their support because  the school snack has helped children to perform better and pay more attention in class”.