Banasa trains its staff in human subjects.


Guatemala, February 2010. The week of 23 to 27 November, the company organized a visit from Frank Alonso Prado, from Costa Rica, a specialist in human person and labor relations, in order to train personnel of the company in similar behavior and treatment of employees within the company, to create a culture of solidarity in the workplace issues.

Frank Alonso Prado has been dedicated to providing counseling in the workplace and has participated as a facilitator in the process of labor negotiations.

He imparted intensive Banasa personnel, both administrative staff and operational training: from members of senior management, managers, administrators of estates and members of the Board of Directors of the Solidarity Association until harvest foremen, security personnel, staff in charge of quality control, stevedores, sorting, packing, department personnel environment, Better Families Program, among others.

During the training, participants were able to identify good practices for a pleasant working environment and thus get the idea that they can participate and benefit within the company.

The content of the training in general was about the human person and its coexistence with others, what is the Solidarity Solidarity how they live, what aspects can be improved within the company and how we can help to achieve this.

These training achieved the goal of spreading the values of the company with each of the given contents and activities. In addition, several dynamics during trainings were conducted for all participants to enjoy and make the most of.

Gustavo Bolaños, Chief Executive Officer, said a few words at the end of training in topics Solidarismo: “Often we do not realize the efforts of generations to create wealth At least in our case, my father started in the negative, he was orphaned. at age 13 and at that age began to work, train, first capital for his family, his brothers. and then at age 29, began to form capital for his second family that we are his children. We are here all together to see how we can make this company grow, with the sole responsibility of generating wealth for Guatemala, Costa Ricas, to Panama in the places where we are. ”

The final comments after the staff received training were very positive. Some of them were:

Arnoldo Lemus Arriaza, fieldworker:

“I already had some knowledge of what the Solidarismo, but I learned that we must work together and neither one is less than another.”

Ariel Celada, docker:

“We learned to share, to help the friend, to understand that we can grow as individuals and the welfare of our families too.”

Alvizurez Joseph, Comptroller of inventories:

“This training was a reminder that feedback is good to give a hand to those who need help. Support your neighbor so that together we achieve the goals, teamwork across the enterprise.”