BANASA donates 400 toys to the children of Cerritos community.

At the opening of the remodeled area of Cerritos school, the president of BANASA handed out 400 toys to celebrate Christmas with children of that community. He also made available the clinic of the Human Development Center that BANASA built for the benefit of its employees and the surrounding communities.

“As part of our health projects, we have the medical clinic of the Human Development Center, where our workers can go and get care for their families, and which also is available for communities’ residents,” stated the President of the banana company. “We also have the nutritious school snack program that seeks to improve children’s health and nutrition. The company keeps good relations with neighboring communities and aims to provide more jobs in the area. I congratulate the Mayor for remodeling the sports field, which helps promote school sports and is also an area for community activities”.

Jorge Robles, president of the COCODE of Cerritos, La Blanca, said: “on behalf of the community, we thank BANASA for contributing to the school snack project because it is of great benefit for the children’s health. We also appreciate the donation of toys for our children, God bless you”.