BANASA donates all bananas for athletes participating in the “Race of sugar”.


Guatemala, November 2009. On Sunday October 18 was held the “Race sugar”, where the National Banana company supported the delivery of all bananas to supply all the runners who participated in the activity.

This is the second year we work with this race, donating bananas are so good food for those who play sports and have a healthy life. The banana has several benefits and some of these we can mention are: it is a natural remedy for depression and improves mood, prevents insomnia, is a source of quick energy needed in the diet of children and athletes, balances body fluids to regulate blood pressure, prevent strokes, arthritis and metabolic diseases, improves hair and helps prevent falling, stimulates the production of hemoglobin and prevents anemia, reduces cholesterol levels because it contains pectin relieves premenstrual, calm pain and prevents cramps due to its high potassium content, among others.

The company supports such events in order to promote sport in Guatemala and also to support activities that take place in locations where we have banana plants because they are our partners who live there and can enjoy all its family of these.

This race is organized by ATAGUA (Association of Sugar Technologists Guatemala), which is a non-profit independent association formed to represent and promote the integration and development of the sugar technicians through the dissemination and technical exchange, scientific social and national and international level, thus contributing to the productivity of the sugar industry in Guatemala.

It is one of the biggest races nationwide. It is known as? The sweetest race of the year ?. Over the years that has been done has had the participation of about 800 thousand runners; its route is 10.5 miles.