Banasa donates food to 800 families affected by Tropical Storm in Guatemala.


Guatemala, October 2011. Banasa donated food to 800 families affected by the rains which recently struck Guatemala’s southwestern region. The company delivered food items including flour, beans, sugar, oil, salt and bananas, focusing on the poorest families cut off from main roads and unable to replenish their food supply.
Banasa employees, beneficiary women of corporate social responsibility programs and community leaders participated in delivering the donation. Magaly Cifuentes, a mother who received assistance in the Chiquirines village, declared: “This help that Banasa is giving us is excellent because we did not expect it and we are in great need. The bad weather continues and people are suffering a lot. There is no more corn to harvest, and because of the floods we cannot go shopping. Even with water up to our knees we come out and receive this assistance.”
Dina Barrios Díaz, president of the village of Ocosito COCODE (local Community Development Council), said: “People are very grateful because of the food delivered. You are the first to come and help us, and the food assistance went to the neediest people. I am very grateful with the company because they remembered our people who are in great need.”

As wells are contaminated due to the floods, Banasa, together with Municipal Firemen, also delivered drinking water to prevent diseases.

Since the beginning of the rains in the southwestern area where the provinces of Quetzaltenango, San Marcos and Retalhuleu meet, Banasa has been monitoring the water level of rivers, has remained attentive to meet the needs of local inhabitants, and has maintained communication with its employees via mobile telephone text messages, sending safety tips and official information, as well as other activities the company has undertaken to assist them during the continued heavy rainfall.