Banasa donated bananas to children at public hospitals in rural areas.

In order to contribute to the nutrition and welfare of children that are in the public hospitals of Quetzaltenango, near the company’s operations, Bananera Nacional -BANASA- donated  bananas to the Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security –SESAN-, to be distributed in such hospitals.

The health centers benefited were Dr. Rodolfo Robles National Hospital, the Department of Pediatrics of the Hospital of Coatepeque and Quetzaltenango’s Regional Hospital.

“Banasa continuously forms partnerships with SESAN on food and nutrition security issues. Preventive health training programs for mothers and nutritional care for the children living in the communities surrounding Banasa, have been carried out. This time we donated bananas to public hospitals”, informed Bernardo Roehrs,  Banasa’s  corporate director.