Banasa Expanded its Nutritious School Program to Over 1400 Children

This month more than 1400 children from Guatemala’s southwest were added to Banasa’s Nutritious School program A Banana A Day Changes Your Life.  With this program rural schools receive bananas during the school year as a nutritious complement to children’s snacks, coupled with trainings and talks on preventive health, given by local health officials to promote food and nutritional security in the area.

The beneficiary schools are Salinas I, Palmar II, Los Angeles, Esquipulas, Limoncitos and Escuela Fernando Bolaños, attended mostly by the children of our employees who reside in the departments of Quetzaltenango, San Marcos and Retalhuleu.

The director of the Salinas I School, in La Blanca, San Marcos, said:  At the school we organize the collection of the bananas at the packing plant, we ripen them and then we prepare a shake for the children.  We are eternally grateful to Banasa because this project helps improve our children’s nutrition.

Mothers participate in preparing the shakes and benefit from the trainings in preventive health. Additionally, there are regular deworming campaigns and height and weight monitoring to determine if children are within normal growth parameters. This way the impact on students’ development of the nutritional complement donated by Banasa can be measured throughout the year.