BANASA inaugurates school for children of its employees.


Guatemala, May 2011. BANASA inaugurated its latest school, The Fernando Bolaños Coeducational Private Rural School in the village of Chiquirines, Caballo Blanco, in the Department of Retahuleu, Guatemala. This school was built especially for the children of BANASA’s employees that live near the farm. It accommodates the youngest of children in its preschool and continues through the primary grades.

To bring this project to fruition, BANASA signed an agreement with the Coffee Agriculture Foundation for Rural Development (FUNCAFE) to administer the day to day activities of the school and fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Education for the next three years.

We aim to give the children a first class education so they may exploit their own talents and, in turn, contribute to the development of their community. We believe that a good education is essential to a community’s development, stated Gustavo Bolaños, President of Agro Plantations of BANASA.

Rudy Vasquez Oxlaj, the Secretary and Chairman of the Rural Community Council of Chiquirines (COCODE) said, I believe this is a very good project because the children will receive classes that tailored to their needs and the teachers will receive continuing education courses to keep up with the latest trends in education.