Banasa brings potable water to rural communities.

banasa lleva agua potable a comunidades rurales

Banasa, together with USAID|Alianzas donated 690 filters to families in communities near its operations. This donation seeks to reduce the incidence of diarrhea and other intestinal infections by 50% and improve food security, by bringing clean water to over 3,000 people in the rural area of ​​San Marcos and Quetzaltenango.

USAID |Alianzas grants funds from the United States to programs focused on health and education to improve the lives of Guatemalans. That is why Banasa has obtained funding to deliver filters to rural people.

Julia Alonzo Cabrera, a mother beneficiary from village San Luis, Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango, said: Now we will see the difference because now we have clean drinking water, we will reduce costs and most important our families will be healthy.

Ecofiltro, the filter’s company, trained families in the use and maintenance of filters and organized communities to foster a savings plan to replace the filter unit every two years and ensure the proper functioning of the filters. Each community made ​​a token payment and the proceeds will be used to buy more filters for schools and health centers in the communities.

By handing out these filters, Banasa contributes to both the family health and economy of the communities as gastrointestinal diseases are prevented and the families save what they used to spend purchasing drinking water and / or firewood to boil water.

We’re very grateful with Banasa, because of their generous support. With this donation we will spend less and also eliminate parasites, bacteria and gastrointestinal diseases because we will no longer drink contaminated water, said Darcila Ramírez from community Salinas I, La Blanca, San Marcos.