Banasa awards scholarships for “children in action” focusing on leadership.

banasaotroga becas

Banasa contributed financially to the Foundation Elecciones Infantiles to give the course “Children in Action” to fifth and sixth grade students of all the country’s department capitals that will finish at the end of this month.

In addition to financial contributions, Banasa has promoted that the scholarships be given to children in the communities where its employees live, which is why the course is currently being taught in school Fernando Bolaños in the trifinio, in the country’s southwest, and schools Los Encuentros, Coatepeque; Chiquirines and Colonia Barillas, of municipality La Blanca, so that more communities close to the company operations can participate.

The course is held every Saturday morning, and lasts six months. Each student received textbooks for the subjects: leadership and social skills; identity, pluralism and diversity; violence prevention and peace building; citizenship, democracy and institutional participation; and life project.

The graduating children of the course will have a very important role in their areas of influence, and they can transmit what they have learned in their schools and communities, and also by setting an example. The results have also been measured through an evaluation system unit that evaluates knowledge of values, changes in attitudes and behavior of students.

Rogelio Ochoa, a parent of Los Encuentros, said: “Committed young people are being trained, this is very important because they are the future leaders of our communities. I thank Banasa who always gives us support and now they have brought this course to our community to educate our children and benefit the development of the communities. ”

Foundation Elecciones Infantiles is a non-profit, non-political and secular private institution; its mission is to be a leader in promoting civic education and democratic values in Guatemala. All in order to prepare future citizens and encourage their enthusiasm for the national identity.