Banasa carries out actions to prevent banana crop diseases.

Banasa is implementing preventive actions to reduce the threat of diseases to its banana crops, based on technical procedures to detect and reduce the risk of entry of diseases mainly that of the Panama disease or tropical race 4, which is already present in regions of Asia and Africa.

Banasa has implemented a ditch with an eco-friendly disinfectant solution, to sterilize the wheels of the vehicles entering the farm and thus minimizing the risk of transmitting any disease to the banana crop.

Also, shoes sanitizers were installed at all entrances of the plantations and packing plants to desinfect the footwear. Both the field and administrative staff, and visitors must comply with this standard.

On the other hand, trainings have been given to the workers on the technical aspects of the Panama disease, its implications, and how to prevent it. So that workers are aware of how serious and critical the problem actually is.