Banasa conducts free health screening day for more than 900 workers

Banasa, in partnership with the University of Colorado and Davita, conducted a free day of screening for more than 900 field and packing plant workers, with the purpose to learn about their health state and provide medical advice.

The day consisted of a general assessment, checking blood pressure, weight/height, and blood and urine tests. Prior to this, an initial diagnosis was made to each contributor, which included a survey of their daily activities, eating habits, medical history, illnesses, etc. Each employee was given his/her diagnosis with their corresponding medical recommendations.

The day was held at the medical clinic of the Center of Human Development at BANASA, located in Los Encuentros and open to the public.
In the video below, you can listen to the testimony of one of Banasa’s workers who explains that this day was a great effort from the company and how it was beneficial for all workers.