Banasa prepares to adapt to climate change

In partnership with the Institute of Climate Change – ICC – and the Association of Independent Banana Producers – APIB-, BANASA started the course “Community Adaptation to Climate Change”, addressed to workers of BANASA and leaders of 13 communities in the southwest region of Guatemala, in the departments of San Marcos, Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu. The course will cover three modules on integrated watershed management and sustainable development; adaptation to climate change; natural disaster risk management and water storage. It will take place from March to November 2016 and will include 9 face-to-face sessions and field trips.

A representative of the municipality of Coatepeque indicated that “it is important to work together to protect the environment, hence the need for this diploma”. In the first meeting of March, many workers of the company attended, along with leaders from the communities of Villa Flores, Morenas, Palmar II, El Reparo, Encuentros, Carrizales, Barillas, Valle Lirio, Pomal, Chiquirines, Tilapa, Esmeralda and Cerritos. It also featured the participation of representatives of the municipalities of Coatepeque, La Blanca and Retalhuleu.