One banana a day change your life

In order to help reduce malnutrition in the area and improve food security, BANASA donates bananas to public schools during the school year. It alsoRead more


BANASA helps maintain community roads and main routes as well as repair schools and bridges.  

Local Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -COLRED-

Along with the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction CONRED and Community Development Committees, COCODES, FRUTERA has created a network with local stakeholders and the LocalRead more

Medical event and deworming days

In coordination with the Ministry of Health and NGOs, BANASA carries out medical event days in neighboring communities,

Fumigation rounds

Fumigation rounds are held in the farms and the communities to prevent diseases such as dengue and others caused by mosquitoes and insects.  


By paying teachers, donating computers, desks and school supplies; painting schools, training teachers, and other activities, FRUTERA contributes to the development of rural education.  


Ongoing labor training development programs are carried out at all levels, from the board of directors to the field workers. Among the subjects taught are:Read more

Happy Families

The Happy Families Food Security Program aims to reduce infant mortality caused by malnutrition. The program teaches women about nutrition and maternal health, among otherRead more

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