Banasa “Mojarras” School presents its reading methodology in the Preschool Congress

metodología de lectura de escuela mojarras

The Banasa Mojarras School, located in Los Encuentros, Coatepeque, was invited to present its reading methodology at the Preschool Congress organized by Funcafé in Guatemala City. The objective of the presentation was to demonstrate the positive results of the “emerging” methodology and to promote its implementation at the national level.

The teacher and students of the Mojarras Pre-School participated in the demonstration accompanied by parents. The emerging reading methodology used in the school allows interpreting symbols, enriching vocabulary, establishing a relationship between images and illustrations etc. through reading aloud, as well as the development of different strategies that facilitate the learning of reading and writing.

The event was held at the Guatemalan Coffee Association facilities in Guatemala City and was attended by authorities from the Ministry of Education, International Cooperation, USAID, diplomatic corps, among other guests.

Through the implementation of innovative practices and a cutting-edge methodology, BANASA’s Mojarras School contributes to raising the academic level in the south-western departments of Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and San Marcos.

At the Mojarras School, the education of students is delivered through an active methodology which consists of a teaching model focused on the student and his/her social and natural environment. Recreational and cultural activities are carried out with students as part of this methodology, and human values are incorporated into the learning process. It also includes the participation of parents in the different activities of the school throughout the year.

The Department-level Director of the Ministry of Education in Retalhuleu congratulated the school’s teachers and schoolmasters for their methodology and the modern and functional infrastructure of the school.

Gustavo Bolaños, President of BANASA, said: “The Mojarras School was established with the objective of improving the academic level in the southwestern region, contributing to community development and providing higher quality educational opportunities in the area.

The Mojarras School of Banasa, created for the children of its workers, currently has more than 180 students, up to 6th grade. Funcafé implements the methodology through an agreement signed with the banana company BANASA.
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