Private school “Fernando Bolaños” is a model of rural schools.

Guatemala, August 2011. The private, co-educational Fernando Bolaños School was visited by 54 directors, teachers, and students from other rural schools located in the municipalities of La Reforma and El Quetzal in San Marcos, and Colomba in Quetzaltenango. The purpose of this visit was to observe the innovative teaching methodologies used in the Fernando Bolaños School, a model school in the rural community.

The Active Rural School Program of the organization, FUNCAFÉ, is in charge of the teaching methodologies used by the Fernando Bolaños School because they are recognized experts in the field of rural schools in Guatemala. The technical coordinator of the program, Jorge Ochoa, explained that the objective of this activity was to present the innovative teaching methodologies used by the teachers, measure the success of these methodologies in the classroom, and motivate the students by allowing them to share their newly acquired knowledge. The participants thanked Banasa for providing the facilities, transportation, and food for this conference.

The company was also recognized for its social and educational work conducted through their corporate social responsibility programs and their dedication to the development of the children of their employees.

Rigoberto Tercero, the director of the “Carmen Amalia Farm School” in Colomba, Quetzaltenango said, “We were pleasantly surprised by the school”.  I found it very interesting that the surrounding natural resources are utilized to teach the students. I was impressed by the academic progress made by this school and its programs. Our school has not yet reached a level of success equal to that achieved by the Fernando Bolaños School in the four years we have been operating.