FAO and UNDP visit Banasa operations to carry out sustainable development projects together.

Representatives of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) visited Banasa’s operations and see first hand its agricultural, industrial, environmental and social responsibility practices, exchange experiences and jointly promote initiatives that foster development to the communities surrounding Banasa.

The visit included a tour to the banana farms, a meeting with local area community leaders and visits to some of the social responsibility programs.

Diego Recalde, FAO representative in Guatemala, said:

It has been a good visit to Banasa.  We were able to see very important aspects of their corporate social responsibility program, labor practices, sustainable production, and the open communication they have with communities.  Banasa has high standards in quality and efficiency, and international certifications that allow it to operate in an orderly, productive and successful way.  As FAO we can see several opportunities from this visit, it is a win-win situation, as it means a starting point.  We are grateful for the invitation and happy to have come.

FAO supports the national strategy that aims to reduce the level of chronic malnutrition, fight food insecurity, promote the sustainable use of natural resources, facilitate local development strategies and contribute to democratic governance.

UNDP is a development partner that provides technical assistance in areas covering economic issues, social transformation, environmental sustainability and democratic governance, and contributes to the development and implementation of plans and capacities to respond to this reality.