Banasa will be donating fuel for 12 months, to the municipal firefighters of Coatepeque.

Banasa ayudará dona combustible durante 12 meses, a los bomberos municipales de Coatepeque

The National Banana (BANASA) help by donating fuel for 12 months, municipal firefighters Coatepeque

Guatemala, November 2009. The banana company signed a letter of understanding the present year with the Fire Department Coatepeque, to formalize the partnership that has been developed together with them and will be done during the coming months.

Raul Barillas, Manager of farm output, Emilio Carranza Rhodes, president of the fire department, signed this document where what help will be clear over what period of time, to ensure compliance with the company seeks with this type of aid: collaborate for services using our employees and their families are getting better. And, so that both the company and the fire department, we comply with the responsibilities we have with the community.

The contents of the letter says it will deliver fuel to the fire of Coatepeque, in order to serve those living in communities in the area, who largely are partners BANASA farms. Fuel delivery will be for a year, the first week of each month and will end the first week of October 2010.

The objective of this assistance is that the families of our employees who live in communities near farms BANASA, can access emergency services firefighters whenever they need it.