Community Leaders of the trifinio, Southwest area of guatemala are invited by Agroamerica to the National Forum 2010.


Guatemala, September 2010. On September 7, National Banana, SA invited a group of 25 community leaders from various communities Trifinio southwest of Guatemala (Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and San Marcos) National Forum 2010 organized by Focus called? Business, Responsibility and Development ?. CentraRSE (The Action Center for Corporate Social Responsibility in Guatemala), founded in 2003, is an organization with over 100 member companies that belong to more than 20 sectors and sub-sectors production in the country, representing about 30% of Guatemala’s GDP and employ 150,000 families. This movement promotes good practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business.
Each year, Focus organized a National Forum, where companies, civil society organizations, government representatives and international organizations to propose, learn and share about CSR issues national meet. The theme of this year’s forum focused on the role of business in society, emphasizing the positive impact they have on economic growth in their communities and the environment.

Community leaders invited by Banasa came from communities Chiquirines, White, The Pomal, Palmar II, Cerritos, Pueblo Nuevo, Salinas II, Lily Valley, Los Encuentros, Salinas I, Colony Barillas and Rio Bravo. All took advantage of lectures and activities of the forum, made contacts and thought that was a very rewarding and positive experience for them because they were informed of the projects that companies do and learned that between them and businesses can work together to achieve development, with a win-win.

Fernando Bolaños, President of Banasa says that companies implementing CSR positively impact their environment and generate wealth, stability and welfare of its employees, families and communities. Our operations are within the country and we need to build close and productive relationships with neighboring communities. The training these leaders met at the Forum is the benefit for them and for us adds.

Banasa was characterized by assuming a CSR business strategy and this has led her to be more successful, build trust and have a good reputation. With CSR programs carried out in the communities around its operations, the company has brought together a number of (economic, ethical, social) values that make it more profitable and sustainable.

The purpose of the invitation to this event was closer to community leaders, meet and make ourselves known as a company, inform them of what we are doing in the communities and train them in CSR issues through the forum.

In addition to the Forum, Gustavo Bolaños, CEO of Banasa, Bernardo Roehrs, Corporate Director, Gerardo Asturias, Administrative Manager, met with leaders later to talk about the origin and history of the company, the process of banana and projects CSR holding the banana, in order to be able to talk with the leaders and hear their views. All final comments were very positive. Some of them are:

Miltón Rene Bonilla, representative of the Board of the irrigation unit, Parcelamiento La Blanca: I thank the company. the opportunity they give us. These are conversations that we shared very useful. My 43 years I did not know what the management of the company, what was the vision nor far they could go as a company in our communities, only that they employed, but many do not know is on them a lot for us, for poor people .

Amalia Rodriguez, member COLRED, Salinas II: I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to come here, God bless them and give them much more strength to help the poorest.

Israel Rivera, a member of COLRED, La Blanca: How I wish that all businessmen were just like you, because I see that there are people who discriminate the most simple, but I see that you are otherwise. I wish to go forward to using you more jobs for our partners, our children and our children’s children ?.

Councilman Julián Díaz, President of COCODE, El Pomal: No other company has taken us into account and Banasa. May God continue to keep them their heart as Don Fernando RIP (Company founder). I remember much because he was a person who devoted himself to appreciate the poorest communities, working with them and seeing how he could help .

Henry Samuel Marroquin, Director of School, Los Encuentros: I am very grateful to the company for caring about education, invest in education, which usually does little businessman. We also thank him for creating jobs. I have 15 years of teaching and when we started in these communities was much poverty, only maize and sesame crop was expected, and now you have the privilege of fortnightly payments in communities there .