BANASA always goes one step forward, looking for new and innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact, thus improving the sustainability of the supply chain.


Water purification

We have a water purification project at our facility; the benefits of this project include both sanitation and environmental improvements. Water is then packaged and provided free of charge to our employees.



The greatest benefits within a supply chain are derived by extending one´s focus as far as possible upstream toward the raw materials, downstream toward the consumer, and then back again as the product and its wastes are recycled.

We currently have recycling projects in all our farms, where there are properly trained individuals who know about the benefits that recycling brings to the environment and the company.


 Environmental trainings

We train people from communities around our farms, we talk to them about the benefit and use of waste, reforestation, conservation of the environment and how to recycle.


Eco-friendly material

  • We have implemented the use of environmentally friendly materials to protect the fruit. Agribon bags can be re-used up to 3 times versus plastic bags that can be used only once, and harm the environmentally. With this we save 66% of the bags used in a year.
  • In our facilities we have implemented all the labeling and signaling is made from 100% recyclable materials such as PVC so we don’t harm the environment.





CSR Pillars

The Social Responsibility program is focused on four pillars: