Members of the Association of Independent Banana Producers-APIB-where invited by Banasa to known the CSR projects in the communities surrounding farms.


Guatemala, November 2009. The October 30, 16 members of the Association of Independent Banana Producers -APIB- were invited by National Banana, SA, on a tour of the communities around the farms of the company, in order to show projects CSR -RSE- carried out in the areas west of Guatemala Trifinio in the departments of Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and San Marcos, and thus encourage them to join this effort.

The APIB is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that is organized to promote, exercise and protect the union, social and economic interests of producers of bananas, which aims for the promotion, research, advocacy and development of the agricultural market and trade associations . That is why we invite you to its members, as we know that we can achieve a significant change in the communities near our farm, if we all unite.

The activity was attended by owners of several banana groups in the country, among them were: Group of Entre Rios, Francisco Salazar and Edgar Warssen; Molina Group, Gerardo Lemus; Gomez Group, Javier Gómez: Bruderer Group, Christian Bruderer and Alan; Arriaza Group, Wilhelm Lopez; Rosmar-Banasur Group, Mario Alberto Garcia-Salas and Juan Miguel García Salas; Berger Group, Alain Berger; Ayala Group, Andrea Coutinho, Ivan Marroquin and Luis Antonio Ayala; and Eber García, Technical Program Manager-Best Families, Business Council, Foundations and Institutes -CEFI- Guatemala.

Gustavo Bolaños, CEO of the company, led the group of banana during the tour and answered questions about the programs the company develops, while encouraged them to carry out all these activities within the banana plantations of the guild.

The objective of this activity was that the entire banana industry is one in CSR projects that can benefit the development of communities and that we, companies with them, a win-win.

For the banana sector is important that all members participate in activities of this kind, and BANASA as a pioneer of several of these programs, feel responsible to convey this desire to contribute to the development of the country, working with the communities where they live their colaborares and conducting related to health, education and values​​, projects which are the basis for achieving a comprehensive improvement.

The tour started with a visit to the School of the village of Los Encuentros, where teachers are taught the Diploma in Family Guidance Association by LINK. This program seeks to promote people who are shapers of change in society, improving their own behavior and experience of family values​​, so that radiate in their environment. It caters to social leaders, in this case mostly teachers, to incorporate values ​​into their daily work. In school, teachers and the Principal, they told their experience receiving the Diploma.

The next stop on the tour was at the Department of Nutritional Surveillance village of Los Encuentros, where the group was able to observe how the banana came a group of mothers and even carve their children under 5 years, while Hilda Alvarado General Best Families program coordinator, explained to them what procedures are followed in the monitoring unit.

Then he visited the home of Mrs. Erica Vicente, who is in the program since 2007 and has a son with Down Syndrome 3 years. She told the audience that the program has learned to take proper care Pablito and now practicing hygiene habits and food that has been taught.

The tour also included a visit to the Nutritional Surveillance Unit Parcelamiento Chiquirines where, on its outskirts, several mothers received training Best Families program, provided by the Technical field, which was attended by entrepreneurs.

The final comments were very positive, and everyone was grateful to the company and look forward to working together to bring CSR programs running.