BANASA joins the celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development.[:]

World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every 10 November to highlight the significant role of science in society, promoting informed citizens about scientific advances to create more sustainable societies.

Banasa operates aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals; has been actively involved in the planning and execution of programs and projects that promote the reduction of the “Technological Gap” in Rural Schools in

During the year 2019, Banasa has contributed to the implementation of the “Digital Gap” program in rural schools to provide technological tools that allow students to have access to educational programs.

The program consists of donating tablets with educational programs in schools in the departments of Retalhuleu, San Marcos and Quetzaltenango.

Banasa promotes access to science and seeks to raise the education level of the area!


BANASA y estudiantes de la Escuela Mojarras crean vivero para reforestar riberas de ríos

(Español) BANASA, en alianza con el MAGA y la Municipalidad de Coatepeque, crearon un vivero para reforestar las riberas de los ríos ubicados en el trifinio suroccidente de Guatemala (Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu y San Marcos).

Banasa prepares to adapt to climate change

BANASA started the course “Community Adaptation to Climate Change”, addressed to workers of BANASA and leaders of 13 communities in the southwest region of Guatemala.

Banasa conducts free health screening day for more than 900 workers

Banasa, in partnership with the University of Colorado and the NGO Davita, conducted a free day of screening for more than 900 field and packing plant workers, with the purpose to learn about their health state and provide medical advice.

BANASA and CONRED form local coordinators for the reduction of disaster

More than 70 people, including BANASA employees and community leaders of Quetzaltenango, San Marcos, and Retalhuleu, were trained on issues regarding safety and disaster prevention.

BANASA holds dental day in the Center for Human Development in Los Encuentros village

Banasa, in coordination with dentists from the University of Colorado, carried out three dental days in the clinic of the Center for Human Development, in which more than 50 patients from the communities received treatment.

Student from Escuela Mojarras received recognition as the best reader

Students from Escuela Mojarras, school for Banasa’s workers children, participated in the Second Reading Competition organized by Funcafé. A Mojarras student won first place for Best Elementary Fourth Grade Reader in the southwestern region.

More than 200 employees of BANASA receive diploma in good practices

Banasa has trained its mid-level workers in good practices in order to promote a responsible and safe production and marketing of bananas. This is to be achieved through high standards of safety, quality, environmental practices, and hygiene.

Banasa gets ready to adapt to climate change

Employees from BANASA participated in a course on Climate Change to develop capacities for adaptation to climate change and support its incorporation to the business environment under ethical – scientific grounds.

Banasa donated bananas to children at public hospitals in rural areas.

In order to contribute to the nutrition and welfare of children that are in the public hospitals of Quetzaltenango, near the company’s operations, BANASA donated bananas to the Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security –SESAN-, to be distributed in such hospitals.

Capacitaciones BANASA

Banasa trained 200 employees on comprehensive human development

The training for Banasa midlevel management included topics such as the importance, forms, process and impact of communication, and how to align it in the workplace with the company’s culture.

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