In BANASA we care about the welfare of our people. We are interested in providing dignified work and contribute to improving their quality of life and the lives of their families.
For this reason, we have a social program focused on EDUCATION, HEALTH, FOOD AND NUTRITIONAL SAFETY AND VALUES.


Happy Families

The Happy Families Food Security Program aims to reduce infant mortality caused by malnutrition. The program teaches women about nutrition and maternal health, among other topics.

Free medical and deworming days

In coordination with the Health Ministry and NGOs, BANASA regularly conducts medical missions in which provides free medical and eye check to company employees and their families and deworming children.

Fumigation event days

Periodically, BANASA along with community leaders, teachers and health centers, carries out free community fumigation events days for the prevention of infections caused by mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever and other epidemics.



Ongoing labor training development programs are carried out at all levels, from the board of directors to the field workers. Among the subjects taught are: human values, HIV/AIDS prevention, civics, ethics and technical subjects.


Savings and Loan Cooperative

In the farms, BANASA has a cooperative in order to promote savings and help improve the living conditions of its workers and their families. Members are given facility to purchase housing, land, cars, appliances, etc. at very low financing cost. It also has a savings program and posthumous help.


Productivity Award

Each year BANASA gives out an award to workers who reach productivity goals, evaluating aspects such as discipline, collaboration, exemplary conduct, values of the business and productivity. MORE THAN 1,400 EMPLOYEES HAVE BEEN AWARDED



We have onsite clinics in the farms with full time nurses to serve employees.


World class labor standards

BANASA is the first company in Guatemala to study “living wages” and paying fair and decent wages and promoting the welfare and development of workers and their families.


CSR Pillars

The Social Responsibility program is focused on four pillars: